We are minimalistic skin care experts focused on providing your skin with what it truly needs.

We like to think of caring for our skin as a much-needed daily ritual. As a moment of calm amidst the panic of everyday life, it’s the perfect chance to slow down and be mindful - which is why we’ve created each Lulu & Marula product with a sensory experience in mind. From Balancing to Calming, each use will whisk you away on a well-deserved little holiday.

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Calming Bath Oil Sample, 50ml

Like a holiday in a bottle, just lie back and soak up the relaxing goodness of our deliciously Calming Bath Oil.

Purifying Treatment Oil Sample, 10ml

Lather on this beauty morning and night to give your skin the ultimate dose of TLC to calm inflammation and smooth tone and texture.


Mask Brush & Bowl Set

Perfect for mixing up and applying your favourite Lulu & Marula Mask & Polish, while also looking SUPER cute in your bathroom. 

Energising Bath Oil Sample, 50ml

Refresh and rejuvenate at the end of even the longest day with this wondrously energising Bath Oil.

Calming Body Balm, 50g

This luxurious, comforting body balm is your necessary daily indulgence to repair dry, neglected skin for a glorious glow.


Nourishing Treatment Oil Sample, 10ml

Bid adieu to dry, unhappy skin with this soothing, hydrating face oil – your skin’s new multitasking BFF!

Nourishing Facial Kit

Our wildly coveted travel-size facial kit is all your need to kick-start your minimalist skin journey, or to pop into your bag for your next adventure.


Sitewide Discounts

Treat yo’self with some seriously wonderful discounts on all of your Lulu & Marula favourites.

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